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We are here to assist you in the event of a motor vehicle accident, providing you with guidance and support to help you navigate the situation.

Our specialised team is available to assist you in understanding your options after a motor vehicle accident. We will carefully listen to your situation and provide guidance on each step you need to take. We will also ensure that you are informed of your rights under Australian law. You can either complete our online form or call us at 1800 844 125 to get started.

Our Services

  • Smash Repairs – completed to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Spray Painting
  • Not At Fault Specialists
  • Panel Beating
  • Like-for- like Loan Cars 

Step 1: We discuss your accident and the best solution for you
Step 2: We arrange for your vehicle to be collected and organise your like-for-like loan car
Step 3: We complete your repairs to manufacturer’s specifications
Step 4: We let you know your vehicle is ready and ready for collection